“Letter From Birmingham Jail” – MLK

  1. To whom did King write the letter? Why did he write it?
  2. King faced criticism for being in Birmingham as an outsider.  How does he refute this criticism?
  3. Why does King list the four basic steps for a nonviolent campaign?
  4. What is King’s response to the advice to “wait”?
  5. Summarize King’s definitions of a just and unjust law.
  6. King refers to the holocaust to explain that people are morally obligated to act against unjust laws.  Why does he use the holocaust as an example?
  7. Why is King more disappointed with the white moderate than with the KKK?
  8. Why is King disappointed with the church leaders?
  9. List examples of striking language and describe its effect on the reader.
  10. Locate at least two areas where King subtly admonishes his audience.