The document appears fuzzy when I print it.  Where can I get a higher-resolution document?
Try printing on a different printer.  If that doesn’t work, email info@writingteachertools.com to request a higher resolution document.

I’m a teacher and would like to photocopy a document for use in my class.  Is that OK?

I’m a teacher and would like to use some of your ideas in my own document.  Is that OK?
Yes, but because all of the material on writingteachertools.com is copyrighted, you must get permission from donna@writingteachertools.com. Generally, you will be asked to be sure your document provides proper attribution to the information you’ve borrowed and to place a conspicuous link to the original WTT document.

Didn’t find your question?
Send your question to info@writingteachertools.com.