“Consider the Lobster” – David Foster Wallace

  1. Describe Foster Wallace’s tone. Then provide three instances of diction choices that contribute to this tone.
  2. Whom do you believe is Foster Wallace’s audience?  Explain your answer.
  3. Identify two effective pieces of evidence Wallace uses. Why do you believe this evidence is effective?
  4. Analyze four of Foster Wallace’s footnotes. Why do you believe he includes each of these? To which classical appeal do you think each footnote is appealing?
  5. What do you believe is Foster Wallace’s strategy in using footnotes? Why doesn’t he simply include the footnoted information in his text?
  6. Summarize the argument that Foster Wallace makes in his piece.
  7. Locate at least four great sentences. Then describe why you like them: Phrasing? Rhythm? Sentiment? Diction?